Bringing It Full Circle: Branded Internet Access Portal

The Hilton Milwaukee City Center, along with many of our other properties, use a company called EthoStream to manage internet access throughout the hotel. EthoStream allows the option to host branded landing pages with a portal for guests to either accept free internet access when offered, enter a credit card number or a password.

This week we launched a branded landing page with the help of EthoStream and it became another location to push our already exiting dynamic content from Marcus Apps. We implemented a rotating banner on the left side of the page that dynamically pulls from our banner ads application in Marcus Apps. The banner ads themselves are pulled from the content created for the digital signs throughout the hotel. Using existing content was essential because the last thing we wanted to do was create a new location to populate with unique content.


We also pulled in a Milwaukee events feed from our events application in Marcus Apps that is populated for MKE411. Incorporating these two apps was a simple way to inform our guests of events and specials on the property though the banner ads and to give them information on events throughout the city using the events application. Take a look at the screenshot of the branded landing page (left) or go see it for yourself and take advantage of the free WiFi in the Hilton Milwaukee lobby, at Miller Time Pub or at the on-property Starbucks.