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The Pfister imPRESSes with Augmented Reality


The Pfister Hotel is not a stranger to leading the hotel industry. When the doors opened in 1893 the hotel wowed locals and travelers from around the world with groundbreaking innovations such as fireproofing, electricity throughout the hotel and individual thermostat controls in every room. At present day the tradition continues as The Pfister Hotel became the first hotel to feature an augmented reality art and history tour throughout it’s hallowed halls.

Augmented reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented, or supplemented, by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. The technology innovator has come full circle, augmenting pieces such as the original thermostats with video content accessible from guests’ phones and tablets. Learn more about about the program through the extensive press attention it received when it launched (below) or on The Pfister Hotel website. Our own, Nick Rudich, is officially “famous” after appearing on the local television news! Pfister to Launch Augmented Reality App Tour

WTMJ: Want to Tour The Pfister Hotel? There’s an App for That. Take a Virtual Tour of The Pfister’s Art Collection

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Hotel Interactive: Marcus Enhances The Pfister Hotel with Launch of Augmented Reality Tour and Responsive Website 

Mobile Commerce News: Augmented Reality Art Tour Set Off by Pfister

Technology Marketing Corporation: Marcus Hotels and Resorts Continues to Enhance Guest Experience at The Pfister Hotel with Augmented Reality Tour and Responsive Website

Whew! That is an imPRESSive list of press coverage and there are still more radio and television interviews where that came from. The Pfister Hotel will continue to grow the augmented reality tour beyond the original ten pieces so stay tuned for more and keep a lookout for us on your local news!

A Renewed Website for Renewal of Body and Spirit

Evensong Spa is a spa retreat located in Green Lake, Wisconsin at Heidel House Resort and Spa. We redesigned and launched the hotel and spa websites in tandem. Just as we did with the resort website, we optimized the spa website to organically garner traffic for keyword phrases that do not contain the spa or resort name. Our goal was to have users looking for spa services, retreats and packages in Wisconsin or the Midwest find Evensong Spa without having to know the name or the location.

Green Lake’s Hidden Gem

So, how did we fare in helping new users find Evensong Spa organically through search? Well, the site is now ranking for terms such as, “spa destination Wisconsin,” “spa package Wisconsin,” “spa resorts in Wisconsin,” “spa Wisconsin,” “spas in WI,” “best overnight spa in Wisconsin,” “couples spa packages Wisconsin,” and “couples day spa packages in Wisconsin.” Traffic via organic search is up across all three of the largest search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google traffic has seen the largest increase at 86.9% with 66.76% of that traffic being new users to the website. Yahoo traffic is up 75% and Bing traffic is up 26.23%.

Where Are These Spa-Goers Coming From?

When we see an increase in traffic to the site we want to look at where the users are coming from geographically. This information is useful in other areas of the marketing strategy as well as in fine tuning our SEO strategy. One goal in developing the new website was to increase traffic from Illinois, Milwaukee and Madison. We have achieved just that along with a little growth in other areas throughout Wisconsin as well. Additionally, a significant spike in traffic has come from from Texas, which is attributed to a wedding scheduled in December with some Texans!  Read more

Organically-Grown Web Traffic for a Wisconsin Lakeside Retreat

We launched a new website for Heidel House Resort and Spa on October 28th (Happy Birthday Danielle!) so we will be taking a look at the numbers for the site’s one month birthday in comparison to the same period of the previous year. We will do this same analysis again for the site’s three month birthday.

Get Out of Town, Chicago!

During the discovery phase of the website build we did a search engine optimization (SEO) analysis. Based on these results the property wanted to focus some of their SEO efforts on becoming a leading competitor for guests from Illinois/Chicago who are looking for a Wisconsin/Midwest getaway. So far, the site is faring well with an overall increase in sessions as well as sessions specifically from Illinois as well as Wisconsin.  Read more

Revenue is Quick to Respond to The Pfister Hotel’s New Responsive Website

It’s All About Heads in Beds and Those Heads Have Gone Mobile

My team did amazing award-winning work on The Pfister Hotel website (more on that in the future) and I cannot thank them enough for the stellar job they did while I was away on my honeymoon. I came home to two newly launched projects and fantastic numbers to analyze about The Pfister site. Let’s take a look at how the site has fared over the last two months since it launched.

When we talk about web development we focus on a lot of numbers regarding device usage, load times, search engines, etc. While all of these are important because they speak to user experience at the end of the day a change in revenue through our website speaks the loudest. The new Pfister website is completely responsive to all screen sizes – from your extra large desktop monitor to to the smallest of smartphones. The consistent and positive user experience across all devices has not only increased revenue through the website, but has dramatically increased revenue booked using a mobile or tablet device. Since this is a public-facing blog I will speak in terms of percentage increases in revenue rather than actual revenue dollars (that is personal!).


Tablet Revenue: Up 22.62%
Mobile Revenue: Up 1,016.61%
Desktop Revenue: Up 1.23%


Does More Revenue Mean More Users?

An increase in revenue through the website begs the question – are our users who convert spending more, are more users converting or are there more users visiting with a subsequent increase in conversions? First, we saw increases in the number of users across all devices. Due to the new responsive functionality we were not surprised to see the largest percentage increase on mobile followed by tablet.

Read more

Part Two: Augmented Reality Series – Healthcare

Wearables for Patients & Doctors

Part two of our augmented reality in healthcare series focuses on wearables that help patients treat themselves and wearables that are used to educate physicians.

A Contact Lens for Diabetics

Smart Contact Lens
Novartis-Google Smart Lens

Google has paired with pharmaceutical brand, Novartis, to develop a smart contact lens. The lens is intended to replace finger prick testing for diabetics by determining the glucose level in tears and sending a notification to an application on the patient’s smartphone if the level drops. The lens also has a secondary function for people who need reading glasses by acting like an auto-focus on a camera. Read more in the press release from Novartis.

Treatment for Chronic Pain

TENS Patch with Bluetooth
TENS Patch with Bluetooth

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a patch designed to deliver low-voltage electrical stimulation to alleviate pain in chronic suffers. While, this concept is not new the inclusion of bluetooth within the chip to connect the patch with an application that tracks use for better pain management by patients and doctors is. Read more on the manufacturer’s website.

Wearables in Physician Education

Google Glass is being used for training of physicians in both a traditional educational setting as well as during actual medical procedures. For example, the University of Alabama completed the first virtual surgery with VIPAAR (Virtual Interactive Presence and Augmented Reality) and Google Glass. The technology allowed the doctors to use real-time, two-way, interactive video conferencing during a shoulder replacement procedure.