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Why Redesign Your Website Every At Least Every 5 Years?

There is nothing permanent except change. – Heraclitu, Greek Philosopher

Web technologies are ever changing, just as your business is. Think, just five years ago a mobile website was on the leading edge and iPhone had only been released for about a year. Tablets were almost nonexistent, especially to your average customer. Now, most new website builds are responsive from PC to tablet at the very least, if not responsive down to mobile depending on the target customer and their needs. Five years ago Apple was at the very beginning stages of killing Flash use on the web.  Social media has greatly altered the sales funnel over the last five years  as well. Remember how much Facebook for businesses changed, Pinterest and InstaGram did not exist, Twitter was only a year old?

The aforementioned are just changes in the way your customer accesses and uses your website. Think of how quickly say, the technology behind your television or computer, is outdated. Website code is not any different. Search engines are not any different. Everything from the folder structure of a website to the actual code used is constantly maturing. It is just the nature of technology. If your website is more than five years old chances are you are missing out on the potential to give your users an enhanced experience and you are missing opportunities to fully leverage your search engine potential.

A Case Study: Grand Geneva Resort and Spa

Grand Geneva Resort and Spa was seeing an excellent number of online bookings from their website, their engagement on social media was outstanding and their search engine ranking was high. There were no obvious signals that the website could be performing better. However, it was time for a branding update. So, we started with the team at the hotel down the path of creating a brand new website to give them the opportunity to further improve on all their metrics, even though they were already performing well. The new website has been live for about a month now. And, yes, it is gorgeous. And, it does some fancy things for user experience that were not possible five years ago when the old website was built. Take a look at it on

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Over the past month that the new website has been live Grand Geneva is up in most Google Analytics segments compared to this time last year.

The new website is up about 1,800 visitors this month already. 42.53% of visitors have not visited the website before. This number is likely to grow over the next few months as the search engines have more time to crawl and re-crawl more pages on the website.

Even more impressively, page views are up 100.33% and the average site visit duration is up 341.16%. This means that the users, new and otherwise, are spending more time on the website. The new content is more interesting, the new site is more user-friendly and it is more engaging.

The bounce rate is down 71.10%. This means users are finding the information they need where they expect to find it. This is a nod to both usability in navigation and search engine optimization. Grand Geneva is showing up in search engines for users who are actively looking for some aspect of their products and services.

Congratulations Grand Geneva! We are excited to watch the analytics morph over the busy summer season and through the holidays!

If you are quickly approaching that five year mark get in touch with the development team to get started on your new website. Select “New Development Project Request” from the drop down menu.

Update: Grand Geneva’s New Website Won an Award. Read More…

Marcus Rewards Redesign Launched

Our team pushed a brand new redesigned Marcus Rewards site live today. Marcus Rewards is a loyalty program that includes numerous restaurants and spas in Milwaukee, Madison, Lake Geneva and Oklahoma City. Rewards members receive points for every purchase made as well as special events such as double point days, special happy hours, wine dinners, new menu tastings and networking and social events.

Our goals for the new site design were to enhance the experience for our members by:

  • Using stronger imagery to evoke emotion
  • Highlighting an easy 3 step processes
  • Offer database driven specials and events
  • Making our locations clear by adding a graphical locations listings
  • Making booking easy by adding a book now option for restaurant reservations


Hotel Philips Redesign

The beautiful Hotel Phillips has undergone a complete website redesign as part of the renovations it recently completed to it’s actual structure in Kansas City, Missouri. Take a look at the new Hotel Phillips below. Our challenge was to keep the original structure of their website, but to lay the new branding they had developed in conjunction with the renovations over the top of it. The new branding is much lighter, but still sophisticated. It uses a lot of color, patterns and imagery. We highlighted an orange color from their palette and integrated one of their patterns into the background and navigation elements. Take a look at their new site!

Superhero of the Month: Donna!

We have started a new tradition of choosing one person per month who makes our daily lives more awesome at work. For January, we chose Donna. Then, we just realized we should have blogged about it! Here are a few reasons why we love Donna:

Donna is always happy, smiling and helpful. She takes a genuine interest in all of our projects. Donna helps us test all of our new websites with her excellent attention-to-detail and unbelievable grammar and spelling skills. She amazes us with the small errors she finds and we are happy to have it. Plus, Donna is always thoughtful thinking of us as whole people rather than just work resources. Also, she is an awesome storyteller. We love to hear what she has to say and truly value her opinions.

If you don’t know Donna, you are really missing out. And, if you do know Donna you know how amazing she is – so go tell her so! She deserves it!

Thanks for all you do Donna!

I am looking forward to receiving an email that she found a typo or spelling error in this post. LOL